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Information for Danish citizens
Reservations made on foreign websites or car hire brokers are not valid for Danish citizens who are registered within the Danish national register (Folkeregister) due to the Danish registration fee laws. If you are a Danish citizen please book your car at or contact Avis ReservationCentre in Denmark on phone +45 33 26 80 80 or e-mail
It is recommended to drive with snow tyres in Denmark between 1st November and 31st March. You select snow tyres above. If you do not select snow tyres the rental car will be delivered with summer tyres.
No additional drivers will be permitted on weekend rentals except for direct family members.

Avis Car Rental weekend rentals are from a Thursday 08h00 to the following Monday 23h59 in all regions. A minimum 2 day rental is required and rentals do not need to include a Saturday & Sunday.


For weekend rentals we take a credit card authorisation for the estimated cost of the rental, a fuel deposit plus an additional weekend authorisation as follows:

Coastal Branches - R3,500 (on all car groups)
Inland Branches - R7,500 on Car Groups A-E and R10,000 on Car Groups F - N

The additional weekend authorisation will be waived upon presentation of a valid airline boarding pass/e-ticket printout.

Rentals in the Eastern Cape, Gauteng North, North-West Province, Limpopo and Mpumalanga incur a separate authorisation hold of up to R10,000. Find out more here.